Get your startup or new business flying off to a great start with the QuickBrew design package.


You’ve started a business. Every cent is precious and resources are tight, but you shouldn’t neglect that crucial first impression and your business reputation. This is your entrepreneurial dream, after all.

Why waste your precious time (and sanity) trying to design stuff on your own? Or spending $5 on a logo to look like a $5 company?

With our QuickBrew design package, it’s totally possible to get good design that’s cost-effective and helps you start promoting your business confidently. We equip you with a set of must-have collaterals that are simple yet professional – a logo, a namecard and a website!

Leave the heavy-lifting to us while you work on getting the clients. Don’t forget us when you’re featured on Forbes!


QuickBrew comes with our creative consultation & advice. You won’t have to play creative director or have to micromanage the project. We’ll guide you from start to finish so you can enjoy a peace of mind and focus on your business.

Make a great impression and attract the right kind of clients with a unique wordmark as your logo.

  • Logotype format*
  • ​Up to ​2 ​x ​proposals
  • Up to 3 x revision rounds on selected proposal to final artwork
  • Release of a wide range of file formats for your use – vector EPS, JPG, PNG, Photoshop
  • Completed within 3 weeks

* A logo made from stylised fonts; see examples in the slider


Your most important and cost-effective marketing tool – be proud to give it out!

  • Direct design
  • Up to 3 x revision rounds to final artwork
  • Completed within 1 week


A clean and minimalist online presence that’s professional and mobile-friendly.

  • Built on WordPress Content Management System (CMS) with a fixed theme/template
  • Inserting of logo/font selection/colour modifications to suit your branding
  • Blog-ready with social sharing tools
  • Content population for up to 10 x pages; scalable for future additions as your business grows
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Up to 3 x revision rounds to final website
  • Completed within 7 – 10 working days from receipt of your final content
  • Includes a generic basic online guide on how to use the CMS to update your website content

Logo Design + Namecard Design + Website Design


Don’t need all 3 services? Click here!


Have a burning question? Let's see if it's in the FAQ!

I could get a logo or website done for less; why should I choose to work with you?

There's 2 piles of poop; one is a dollar and one is 50 cents. Which would you go for?*

You'd probably say "Neither – I don't want to spend any money on poop, even if it's a small amount!".

Design is time-consuming, and a good concept can't be produced using an A+B=C formula. Research, brain juice and creative exploration that needs to happen before you receive a quality design concept.

Most designers who charge very cheaply and promise you the world, usually fall into one of these groups:

  1. They may not take pride or value their work
  2. They may not be planning to spend too much time on your project
  3. They may be fly-by-night freelancers out to make a quick buck, with a slow and painful delivery
  4. They may be software operators and not designers. Knowing Photoshop doesn't make you a designer. Such vendors may not be able to give creative consultation/advice; this means you will end up giving all the creative direction

We've heard tons of horror stories when it comes to cheap outsourcing vendors – it makes us really mad! On the bright side, these unfortunate encounters are part of the reason why we developed the QuickBrew packages.

* Sorry, we couldn't help it; we've been dying to use that analogy!

I don't need all 3 of the design services in the package. Do you provide the services individually? E.g. I just need a website.

Of course you can! If you don't require everything in the QuickBrew package, you can still engage us for each service individually. Non-package, standalone prices are as follows:

  • Logotype Design – $1,200
  • Namecard Design – $400
  • Website Design – $1,600

My company isn't a startup or new business . Can I still use the QuickBrew services?

If you run a social enterprise or non-profit organisation, we'll be more than happy to extend the QuickBrew services to you. For businesses that have been around for some time, you may wish to consider the fully bespoke design services that we offer, as the QuickBrew package may not be extensive enough for your needs. For instance, if you are expanding to the region, or setting up a franchise model, then you will need branding that is more robust so you can use it for wider applications and protect your brand under a trademark. Or if your business is an online shop, you will need a website that can support that sufficiently; the QuickBrew website is meant for informational/brochure use.


We’re here to find out more about your business and your design needs. Let us know how to reach you, and your preferred day/time to have a chat. We’ll get back to you soonest to confirm your Zoom session!